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FledBag® – Funnel Box Opener


Automatically open and close the FLEDBAG® Funnel Box by a remote control.

FledBag® – Funnel Box


Reusable Fledbag Funnel Box is the most efficient, versatile container available to transport and dispense various contents. The smooth, sloped interior and a generous centre exit port allows safe, complete emptying of contents in as quickly as 30 seconds. Its high-strength plastic construction handles loads up to 1200kgs. The containers stack and nest to eliminate wasted space; their modular dimensions maximise trailer cubing to reduce freight cost.

Assembled size: 1435.1(l) x 1143.0(w) x 1651(h) mm 
Assembled weight: 150.1kg
Nested size: 1435.1(l) x 1143.0(w) x 998(h) mm
Nested weight: 150.1kg

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