FledBag® Original

$357.50 inc GST

  • Suitable for disposable big bags
  • Suitable for reusable big bags


If you’ve ever struggled with pouring large bags of fertilizer, seeds, pellets or salt, this product will be perfect for you! The innovative FLEDBAG, allows you to empty big bags easily, quickly and precisely.

Wow! It works like a charm! I would definitely recommend Fledbag to anyone who uses seed, fertiliser or similar from a bulka bag.

Bruce from Wauchope

I have just used this for a week’s hemp seeding, decanting 500kg bulker bags into 250kg spreader. Incredible time saver and efficiency tool!!!

South Coast Hemp Foods
  • Grain
  • Fertiliser
  • Feed
  • Seeds
  • Salt
  • Granules
  • Animal Feed

How It Works

Deposit the FLEDBAG® on a firm surface. Lift the big bag by its loops using front loader or forklift forks, and position above the FLEDBAG®.

Lower the big bag so that the FLEDBAG® penetrates the big bag, then raise the big bag again.

Pull the FLEDBAG® down slightly to make it easier to open and close the valve.

By opening and closing the FLEDBAG®, you can simply meter the content of the big bag.

Fledbag Applications

Innovative Design

Reinforced Chisel Tip

Easier penetration into big bag fabric


Innovative Vario gate valve with high tightness for flexible dosage.

Steady + stable

Flat state by submerged connecting screw.

Flexible, folding handle

Skewed depositing of the big bag – no problem! Sometimes the big bag is still swinging slightly on lowering so that the FLEDBAG® Original can easily tip on penetrating the bag. The moving handle gives in and nothing breaks.

Enormous stability

The C-Modified Polyamide Glass-Fiber mixture withstands the highest loads and provides for indefinite service life when properly used. There is no corrosion.

Even more possibilities

For reusable big bags we recommend the use of the FLEDBAG® Easy. It was specially developed for use with reusable big bags.

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