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Reusable UniBox is the most efficient, versatile container available to transport and dispense various contents. The smooth, sloped interior and a generous centre exit port allows safe, complete emptying of contents in as quickly as 30 seconds. Its high-strength plastic construction handles loads up to 1200kgs. The containers stack and nest to eliminate wasted space; their modular dimensions maximise trailer cubing to reduce freight cost.

Available in 4 sizes for all applications
Broad capacity range of sizes from 450 – 1360kg
Can order to be FDA compliant

* Finance available – T&C’s apply
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We can now store three tonnes of product in the space we used to only be able to store one.

Phil McFarlane, Australian Plant Proteins

I can leave the box out in the open until the next use, without having to worry about vermin or the weather getting in.

Steve Swan, Cattle farmer (Moura)

Decanting in bulk has never been easier!!! Incredible time saver and efficiency tool!!!

South Coast Hemp Foods

With UniBox, there’s no need for the expense of a conveyor. I can do it alone with this system if I need to, safely. The whole thing is very low maintenance and minimises waste. It is accurate, simple and safe, and if you look after these boxes they will last and last.

Steve Swan, Cattle farmer (Moura)

With the UniBox, it is not only safer, but we are much more efficient, quick and accurate. It only takes a few minutes to shift the fertiliser into the boxes on the ground, but the overall time saving – and safety – makes it more efficient in the end.

John Ford, Sugar cane farmer (Curra)

Available in a Range of Sizes


Price: $1,765.50 inc GST


L x W x H
143.5 x 114.3 x 83.8


Price: $2,035 inc GST


L x W x H
143.5 x 114.3 x 106.8


Price: $2,310 inc GST


L x W x H
143.5 x 114.3 x 162.5


Price: $2,475 inc GST


L x W x H
143.5 x 114.3 x 185.4

  • Reusable
  • Construction for long life storage
  • Designed for safe, one-person operation
  • Smooth interior for quick discharge
  • Efficient storage when nested or assembled
  • Protection against rodent/contaminants
  • Tight fitting lid
  • Stackable – 4 to 6 high

How It Works

Funnel Box Applications


Component parts

Plastic pellets

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